• Running Windows and Linux on the same machine

    For over ten years I’ve been happily using Windows for personal needs and Linux for work. I find Windows perfect for gaming, media and browser based usage. And as a software engineer doing mostly backend the OS of choice must be Linux. This strict segregation based on usage has worked ok-ish for me most of the time, since I tend not to mix work and personal life too much. Still, there have been some odd cases where I wished I could have both OSes usable interchangeably. From time to time I take on some contract work, or start a hobby project.

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  • New site

    After many years of running a skeleton website on Google App Engine, I decided to move to something that is not a festival of overly complicated UIs, bugs and deprecation. I was probably one of the last people having the free tier, so I’m sure somebody at Google will be happy to see that that thing is getting closer to being discontinued. They even gently nudged me towards not using it anymore, by making the old app no longer downloadable.

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