• Mental well-being toolkit (part 1)

    Studies report that anxiety and depression has surged as a consequence of the COVID pandemic. What was before a problem affecting 1 in 10 people, is now taking a toll on maybe half of us. So I thought I could write about my experience with keeping my mood under control.

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  • Running Windows and Linux on the same machine

    For over ten years I’ve been happily using Windows for personal needs and Linux for work. I find Windows perfect for gaming, media and browser based usage. And as a software engineer doing mostly backend the OS of choice must be Linux. This strict segregation based on usage has worked ok-ish for me most of the time, since I tend not to mix work and personal life too much. Still, there have been some odd cases where I wished I could have both OSes usable interchangeably. From time to time I take on some contract work, or start a hobby project.

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